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Playing with Photobooth

January 29, 2010

I think I’ll be more motivated to write if I keep my entries shorter. I had a fairly eventful day, at least compared to my other days. I’ll keep it short though…

Big news! I am officially an employee of ChaCha! Text us at 242242 and ask a question, and maybe I’ll be the one who answers it. I had a job interview with Check Advance earlier today, but I’m not too hopeful. I have to write a “Marketing Plan” for this business, as  if I know what they do. They prey on the poor people in the area, what more of a plan to they need?

I chilled with Nate today and played some Super Smash Bros Brawl. I’ve been getting better at that game for sure, but I’m still not sure on which character I like most. Any suggestions? I hung out with Chloe for a bit too, and we took some ridiculous pictures, which will be on here by the time you read it. I’m gonna watch some Cops, eat Doritios, and have a good night.


How Was Your First Day?

November 10, 2009

So as many  a few of you know, today was my first day at Wal-Mart. I literally had an 8 hour orientation. My last two jobs gave me 3 and 4 hour shifts for the first few months, but these guys started be off working at least 25 hours per week already. At least the money will be nice.

I was being…oriented(?) with one other lady. She was in her 40’s and was trying to get a job at Wal Mart because she lost her job at a bank that she had been with for like 15 years. That’s quite the downgrade in my opinion. She looked pretty normal (compared to most of the people there, get back to that later), and we are even locker partners now. That’s right, I have a locker and I opened the com first try!

The dress code is pretty relaxed there. Blue t shirt and tan pants, I can wear a hoodie if it’s blue too, or a jacket of any color. My hair doesn’t matter and my gauges are fine, couldn’t really ask for more. I spent most of the day doing ridiculous things like playing board games related to sales and taking quizzes on the computer. I DO have a name tag and my own box cutter, but I DON’T have a lanyard to put my nametag on, lame!1254804591072

I think the box cutter deserves it’s own paragraph. They give all of the employees brand new box cutters, and these things are revolutionary. If Billy Mays was alive, he would be selling these things. They can do everything short of cooking toast. I’ll bring it home tomorrow and take a picture with it just so everyone can see how awesome it is.

I saw a super ghetto black guy today, and he was getting out of his tricked out car, rocking some hardcore bling, and a massive watch. To top it all off, he had some Danimals drinkable yogurt, it really pulled his whole image together. Random, but it happened…

Back to the other employees. They all look like they do meth, there is no other way to say it. Everyone that is there looks like they are living a life that they absolutely hate and they do crack because of it. I don’t know how to explain it without a picture, but it’s totally true. They are all ugly, have messed up teeth, and hair from the early 90’s. They also have the “mom jeans”, you know, the jeans that have 6 inches of extra material above the waste. The ones the cover your bellybutton and make your hips look 3 feet wide.

I might be exaggerating when I say “everyone” because there are some decent looking people there and even a totally cool black guy. I really need a black friend (it’s part of the big city experience). I just feel like the people that have been at Wal Mart for more than a few years aren’t going to do anything else with their life, and I don’t want to be that guy. I’m cool with being a temp.

What’s On Your Mind?

November 3, 2009

It’s been a while, only because my internet is STILL down. I went in to talk to Eric (landlord) today while he was talking to 2 new potential customers. These two guys didn’t look terribly interesting, so I brought up my lack of internet in front of them and told him that it had been down for almost 2 weeks. I’m sure he really liked these two guys hearing that. Maybe they’ll get lucky and end up in a different building than me.

I got a little ahead of myself with that one.  Let’s rewind a bit. Yesterday afternoon Nate come down to IGH and we went to the Mall of America. He bought me diner at Noodles & Co, which is one of the most amazing places ever. He filled up my gas tanks, bought me Starbucks, and even gave me a pair on grey converse. Needless to say, he’s the coolest guy ever and I had a good day. After bumming around the mall for a few ours and visiting an old friend at Zumiez, we drove around for a while. We went up through downtown St Paul and looked at all of the sketchy looking people. Then we got back to my apartment, watched a few episodes of The Office and called it a night(and/or day).

I got up this morning, brought him to the airport(GPS brought us on the scenic route), and then came back home and got ready for the day. I’ve been sitting at the school since then, and that was at 11 this morning. I feel like since I’ve been here I have accomplished nothing. I have been working on my online class, but it’s slow and tedious. I registered my classes online and then went to type in my PIN and it’s the wrong one. The only person who can give me my right PIN is Peter Skoro, and I know it sounds crazy, but he hasn’t been in his office all day.

Gotta follow up every good day with at least a weeks worth of bad ones. My internet better be working when I get home.

Is It Wrong If I Think It’s Lame To Dance?

October 25, 2009

Any time I go to Ashland (or anywhere but Inver Grove for that matter), I slack on the whole blog thing. I have a lot too sum up, but I’ll try to keep it short.

Last Thursday I went to my dad’s house in Superior and stayed the night there. It was cooling seeing that side of my family, because I haven’t seen them in forever. I worked at his store the next day and dealt with the crazies of Superior all day. I made some money for that, which is awesome. My sister Hannah is sick with pretty much everything ever, so she is in the hospital right now. Since my dad and step mom are staying there with her I decided to head to Ashland for the rest of the weekend.

Rachel got a ride from North Dakota to Duluth and then she rode with me to Ashland. We watched Austin Powers 3, not as funny when you’re not 12. I got an oil change that took twice as long as it was supposed to, but I had nothing better to do anyway. I chilled with my grandparents for a while. I’m pretty sure I see them more than anyone else when I’m at home.

I went to SAW 6 with Garrett later Friday night. I thought it was better than the 4th and 5th ones. The opening scene is really hard to watch, but that’s sort of the point of the movie. It was tough to feel bad for anyone in the “games” though, I was very back and forth. I picked up Rachel after that and we went to CK with Nate. He is the funniest man alive, not an opinion, a FACT. We told some great stories and caught up after not seeing each other for a few weeks. I watched Land of the Lost with Rachel. Not really sure how I feel about that movie yet.Photo 4

I got up this morning, got ready, picked up Rachel and drove back. I dropped her off in Duluth and then went and saw my sister in the hospital. The drive back went by pretty quick, but I was super tired. I honestly thought I might fall asleep and crash. Luckily I didn’t hit any construction and I managed to keep my eyes open the whole way.

(Warning: The following is good news and might be a little shocking to the avid readers out there)

I went to Wal- Mart and finally got hired! I’m just going to be stocking shelves and stuff, but I’d rather have easy mindless work than have to deal with retarded customers all day. I won’t have a check for a few weeks yet, but I’m still excited to know that one is on its way. Plus, they are cool with my gauges and don’t care about how long my hair is. The only downfall is that it is really hard to get time off :/