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Top 10 Albums of 2009

January 23, 2010

I’m awful at writing review of albums, so I think I’ll just go with the first thing that comes to mind when I see the album title. Enjoy.

10.Grey Britain- Gallows

Grey Britain is a great album, but doesn’t even compare to their live show. Their singer verbally tore apart all of the “questionable” bands on Warped Tour right in front of them, and then physically attacked a fan for making him mad. I think they deserve a top 10 spot for that alone. I’m not saying that the album isn’t good, because I thought it was great, but see them live if you get the chance.

9.Chasing Hamburg- Polar Bear Club

I didn’t get a chance to fully appreciate this album. I got it at the same time as a bunch of other albums, so it didn’t get my full attention. Despite the lack of attention  I still found quite a few tracks that I really liked. Raspy vocals, upfront guitar, solid drumming, maybe not the number 1 album of the year, but one of the best for sure.

8.Poetry of the Deed- Frank Turner

Frank Turner is a different style of music than I normally listen to, which says a lot about this album. I heard that he was touring with The Gaslight Anthem, so I had to check him out. His upbeat folk-punk sound was totally what I needed at the time, and I still love it now. “Try This at Home” is the stand out track for me, check it out.

7.This Will Be The Death of Us- Set Your Goals

It must really suck to be Four Year Strong right now.

6.Homesick- A Day To Remember

The opening track tore up my car speakers, and it didn’t stop there. Need I say more? No, but I will. Almost every song has a mosh call, and sweet breakdown to follow it, how can you not like that? If you haven’t heard them think of Blink 182+ New Found Glory+ A good hardcore band. It sounds weird, but it’s not at all.

5.Sheboygan- The Jetty Boys

This is exactly what Green Day SHOULD have released this year. Seriously.

4.Smarten Up- Project 27

Project 27 is another one of my favorite bands by far. They are super chill guys and make amazing music. Musically they sound live just like they do on the album, but with WAY more energy. I might be a little bias because they are willing to make the drive all the way to Ashland to play for us, but I don’t care. I’ve listened to this album from start for finish more times than I can count.

3.They Came From The Shadows- Teenage Bottlerocket

TBR picked up right where they left off. Straight forward Ramone-core pop-punk. If you expected something new, then you were disappointed. Change is the last thing that I wanted from this guys, and they didn’t disappoint me in the least. This album covers all corners,from skater anthems like Skate or Die, to Bigger Than Kiss, which breaks down the reasons that they are better than KISS.

2.All I Have to Offer is my Own Confusion- Fireworks

I didn’t even know who Fireworks was until I saw them open for New Found Glory in March. They were one of the best opening bands I had ever seen, so I bought their album and listened to it for the rest of the trip. I eventually got to the point where I could sing along to every song, and it became my summer album. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than ride my bike around at 3am listening to this album.

1.Dream Homes- Dear Landlord

I honestly don’t know what to say about this album, except that it was my favorite of the year. It has everything that I can ask for, short songs, aggressive vocals, lyrics that I can relate to, gang vocals, choppy guitar/drums, and “Three to the Beach”. If you haven’t heard it then you’re missing out, fix it.

Honorable Mentions

Year One-Psyched To Die

Picture this, Hardcore Punk band+ Pop-punk singer+ ever song is about suicide. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s awesome. Don’t think “I’m in an emo band, and I hate my life”, but more of a “Wow, you all suck and so does everything else, I think I’ll kill myself”. Year One is short and to the point, just how I like it.

Disasterpiece- First Class Motive

Acoustic pop with some comedic lyrics. Probably not a chart topper, but still good to listen to at the right time. My biggest problem is the name of the album, which is a Slipknot song and the name of one of their DVD’s.

Relapse- Eminem

This was supposed to be Eminem’s big comeback album, but I don’t think it was as good as The Eminem Show. His voice in a few songs bothers me, but the rest of the album is solid. Good lyrics, Good beats, and as always good flow. An honorable mention for sure.

Blueprint 3- Jay-Z

I didn’t get this album until 2010, so I can’t say it was one of my favorite of ’09. I haven’t sat down and listened to the entire album, but I have listened to most of it. Jay-Z is pretty new to me, so I’m still getting used to him and his style, so far I love it though. Death of the Autotune? Take that Lil’ Wayne.


Guilty pleasure album of ’09 for sure. So what?


Did You Get Yesterday’s Memo?

October 5, 2009

No, I certainly didn’t get any memo, but I wish I would have. Apparently the instructor for my Intro to VisCom class was planning on being gone today and sent everyone an e mail telling them. I didn’t get that e mail until I was sitting in the classroom waiting for everyone else to get there. I wasn’t completely alone, but the 4 people that actually showed up felt just as ridiculous as I did. Normally I would be happy and go on with my day, but I have to sit here. I got here at 2 to check with financial aid, which took all of 2 minutes and I have been sitting here ever since.

I’m still not sure why I started watching so many TV shows, especially considering how little TV I watched 6 months ago. I have have seen every episode of Heroes, The Office, and Prison Break so far, and I am currently working on Fringe. Not to mention that I am keeping up with the new episodes and starting to watch Community. I gave Parks &  Recreation a try, but it wasn’t anything special. I think the cast is the biggest downfall. Amy Poehler is the main character and I haven’t liked her work in any movies or TV shows. The show has been compared to The Office and even features Karen from The Office, but I just didn’t see the connection.

Sitting in school

Sitting in school

I have watched the first 3 episodes of Community and I am really impressed. It takes place in a community college and has all of the typical stereotypes that you would expect from a community college.  The type of humor is similar to Jim’s on The Office and someone else, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.. I was a little skeptical at first, but by the 2nd episode I had all of the characters figured out and knew what to expect from each episode. You can watch all 3 episodes on right now, so go check them out. I’d imagine that they will start taking them down once newer ones come out, so hurry up. 

Since I am in the reviewing mood I decided to check out a new band. I picked Title Fight because they are currently on tour with New Found Glory, and the last band I saw open for NFG I ended up loving. The guitar and drums came off a little heavier and dirtier than what I had expected, but as soon as the vocals kicked in it all fit together. Their singer sounds like a mix Chuck Ragan (pre-folk era) and Jimmy Stadt of Polar Bear Club, but without the “I’m from Gainesville” feel. For those of you who don’t know who they are, his voice is raspy, but he is energetic and can sing. I just listened to the few songs on their Myspace, but I might pick up one of their EP’s. They have like 3 or 4 Ep’s, but have yet to release a full length…oh well…