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Punk Rock Shows and Black Cigs

April 13, 2010

I found myself lost in Youtube for over an hour and ended up where I always do, watching old Side Project videos. Then I started thinking about how much I miss going to those shows. Sure, there are still shows in Ashland and and a few of the same bands played, but it’s just not the same.

I remember my first Washburn show and how I only knew 4 songs the entire night, but it was still amazing. It was the first time I had seen a real pit, the first time I smelled Djarum Black’s, and the first “party” I ever went to. I miss the days when people didn’t care about how they looked at the shows and actually went there to have fun. Believe it or not, people used to dance, jump, and mosh at shows. Now you’re lucky to have 4 perfectly straight lines of people looking at you with their arms crossed and their heads tilted to the side.

It probably doesn’t mean much to the few people that read this because they weren’t there and it’s just another show to them. To me it’s more than just the bands and dancing though. It used to be a very different experience than it is now. I was always with the group of kids that shows up early for the show, but that group of kids doesn’t exist anymore. After waiting on the front steps of the Civic for sometimes an hour, Ben would show up and let us in, and we’d pay our $4 and go upstairs.

There was always a certain feeling in the air at shows. There were the kids that everyone knew and the new kids that were clearly scared to be there. Back then I didn’t know every person that was there because there was more than just one group of kids that went. Now you basically have to beg your friends to come to the show, and it wasn’t even to see your band. You have to beg them to come so that you can get their $5, so you can pay the touring bands enough to make it to the next city.

I didn’t mean to make this a comparison, but there are a lot of differences between the shows now and how they were then. Back then I would leave every show sweaty and thankful for the cool summer air. After a night of rocking out and screaming my lungs off, I would go to the gas station and buy the first drink that I could get my hands on. Everyone would be looking for something to do because it’s 10 on a Saturday night and nobody had made any plans because of the show.

This is going to sound deep, but it’s very true. The shows really changed who I am as a person. I discovered my favorite band, I found music and people that I could relate to, I found something to look forward to every month or two, and it gave me  reason to learn how to play bass. I made friends,became a much more confident and outspoken person, not to mention I learned to appreciate certain things a little more. Who needs a big stage, a pro sound system and a lighting rack? Sure we had to tape mics to stands sometimes, but at least kids had fun and looked forward to shows. Don’t have money to pay for professional shirts? Paint your band’s name on a Goodwill shirt, I’ll buy it.

I know I missed the start of the Washburn pop-punk scene, and really I was only there for the last part of it, but I still miss it just the same. Now that the music scene has moved to Ashland and I have to book the shows, it just doesn’t have the same feeling of excitement to it. It’s almost more of a sense of responsibility  than anything. I hope someday  there will be a few people and a few bands that start caring about music in the area again.


What To Do?

September 19, 2009

I’m falling back into the old format of my blogs for today. 3 music related entries in a row is enough. Anyways, I’m not sure how I feel today. I usually don’t decide until after I write my blog for the day. Writing my blog gives me time to recap my day and my thoughts and decide if I had a good day or not. I’m writing this one pretty early, so it’s a tough call.

My roommates are off doing god knows what. Last night I walked into my apartment to find a castle made of beer cans and 4 girls here. I really don’t understand what happened, but there are 3 beds and 7 people. I didn’t share my bed with anyone, which leaves 2 beds and 6 people. When I woke up I heard someone in the shower, but the rest of the house sounded empty. I hopped in the (other) shower and then realized that my shampoo was gone. I got out of the shower and walked over to the other bathroom and Casey’s girlfriend(I think) was walking out carrying my shampoo. I though about killing her, but instead I just took it back and got in the shower again. When I got out they were gone and I haven’t seen them since.

I did a whole bunch of homework today that was actually pretty fun. I tore apart some magazines with an X-acto knife and made the pieces into things like Brass Knuckles. I cut up a watermelon, did some dishes and listened to P.O.S. the whole time. I feel semi-productive today, but now I’m left with the rest of the day to find something to do. I cold always watch more Prison Break, but I like saving that for night time.

I know in some of my previous entries I talked about how broke I am and how I need a job. Well I have an update, sort of. I have a solid chance at Blockbuster and Taco Johns. Even though I really like tacos(I’m making some tonight), I would still much prefer to work at Blockbuster. Let’s be honest, free rentals would be pretty rad. I also have some financial aid money coming on Monday hopefully.

I got my hair cut
I got my hair cut

I know since things are starting to look slightly better, 2 bad things will happen to ruin it. I’m not sure what those things are, but they WILL happen. Something along the lines of my car breaking down, or me getting in an accident. Maybe my apartment will burn down or get robbed or something. I live pretty close to the airport, I bet a plane will crash into my apartment AND my car. That would be perfect.

Usually I write a little but more, but I can’t think of anything else. Nothing exciting has happened in my life in like a month, which make writing blogs pretty difficult.

P.S. Check out my buddy Nathan Parent’s new song on Myspace, it’s called First Blood and it is awesome. (