Guess Who’s Back?

January 21, 2010

Me. Guess who cares? Nobody.

I’m staying at my grandparents house because tomorrow I will be leaving bright and early for a trip to Inver Grove Heights and back. Spending 8-10 hours in a car in one day has been done before, but I feel as though I’m not mentally prepared for it this time. Usually there is a show at the end waiting for me, or perhaps a week at a waterpark or something. You know what’s waiting for me? A chance to revisit one of the bigger failures in my life, and my mattress.

Since we’re leaving in just over 3 hours I should be sleeping, but God knows that never happens. I did sleep for 2 hours earlier, but I think that was more of a nap. I’ve tried different pills and Nyquil to try and fix my insomnia, but none of those really do anything. I think it’s more of a psychological thing than anything. There is a small possibility that I develop a personality disorder and then my alternate personality convinces me to blow up my house, quit my job, and start a cult like underground fighting club. We can all dream.

I’m going to make a Top 10 Albums of ’09  and I’ll review the upcoming Set Your Goals/Motion City Soundtrack/The Swellers show this weekend. I’ll try to keep my entries a little more consistent, but again, no promises.


I Knew That Song Before You

December 7, 2009

I have too much to rant about, so I’m gonna condense it. The majority of it is the ridiculous groups and pages on Facebook. I want to explain what pages and groups are for before I get into this.

Groups were made so that multiple people could be updated about a certain topic all at once. There is no need for groups like ” Join if your name has an A, L, M R, or X in it”. Why would you ever need to join that group? What information would you be presented after joining?  Why would anyone (Kaylie!) ever join something like this? There should be a screening process to approve and deny useless groups.

Pages…ugh. Pages were made so people could be fans of things consumer products, actors, musicians, artists, etc. Now there is a page for absolutely every action done in life. Counting floor tiles, walking, breathing, watching rain drops go across windshields, Seeing some no name actor shirtless, and the list goes on forever. To make it even worse, there are fan pages for things like “I knew that song before you”, how can you be a fan of that?

I knew that song before you, what a dumb concept. Every single person that I have as a friend, that has joined that group should not be on there. They are all Top 40 craving, Nickelback supporters. I use the term “support” very loosely, not financially supporting the band, or helping promote them, but more of stealing their music off of limewire. That’s sort of like supporting the band. Anyway, back to the lecture at hand (Snoop Dogg fans?) You do not need to be a fan of every single life action and thought. Everyone knows that you enjoy not being on fire, so why are you a fan of it?

Like I said earlier, there should be a screening process for things like that. Some would argue “Facebook shouldn’t have rules like that, we deserve our freedom”. That’s what Myspace said, how many of you still use that? The reason for the being, freedom. Myspace let the users cover their page in GlitterGraphics, App Ads, Broken HTML, and god knows what else. In a similar fashion, my news feed is covered in 36 people becoming a fan of Slaves, because racism is so cool.

The Library

November 21, 2009

I’ve really been spacing out my entries lately, but there is a reason, actually a couple reasons for it. For one, I have a job now, so I don’t have as much free time and I’m usually pretty tired when I get home. Two, my internet has been absolutely terrible lately. Three, I started playing Morrowind lately, and it’s super addicting.

I have been to the library quite a few times since I’ve moved here, but I usually just go to use the internet. I decided to branch out today and go look at some books. I found at least 10 books I want to check out (no pun intended), but I don’t have a library card. Of course I forgot my license, so I couldn’t even get one. I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday. I also noticed that they had a pretty big CD collection(for a library). I only skimmed through it, but I saw they had the entire discographies of The Fratellis, Jimmy Eat World, Good Charlotte, and even Snoop Dogg. I might have to take advantage of that sometime.

At work today I was on my break and just chillin’ in the massive break room(I’ll get to that). I don’t really know too many people and the ones that I do know work nights, so I was alone. This guy in his 40’s from the Tire and Lube section came up to me and asked me if I wanted some food. So I followed him into the other break room (yup, two) and he gave me a corndog and a bag of chips. We talked for a bit, but in a “we’re guys” way, but in the normal” You’re a new guy, i’ll be nice” way. It was pretty tight, I didn’t catch his name, but he’s cool in my book.

Ok, break rooms. The main break room has 6 tables as long as the ones at the high school, 6 vending machines, 2 microwaves, 2 refrigerators, a pizza oven, a coffee maker, and a cappuccino  machine with two types of cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. The other one has a toaster oven, a microwave, and a few other things. The nice part about vending machines in Wal-Mart is that they have to be super cheap. If they were expensive, then people would just go out to the store and buy the stuff. There’s always at least 10 people in the main one, and 8 of them are always girls gossiping about people. The sad part is, they are all in their 30’s.


Wouldn’t It Be Nice If We Were Older?

November 16, 2009

Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long.

I’m sick of school.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet that can say this and mean it, but I wish I could skip through my college years. It’s hard for me to focus on more than one “big” thing at a time. School and work are both big things, and there are 1 or 2 other things too.

I really want to be done with school and just have the average job that I will someday get. I know I’ll never be rich and I’m not striving for that, I just want to have enough money for an apartment and for my basic expenses and to go to shows. If I can somehow manage that in the next 5 years, I will be done with my life and then I can just live it out.

Working 8 and 9 hour days isn’t a big deal, but when I still have school and homework, then it is. Now that the assignments are finally getting harder, I take 25 hours a week out of my free time, great timing. 

Rachel came and visited me for 5 days and I didn’t have to worry about those things at all, but now that she’s gone, I’m back to having a huge pile of things to worry about, great…

How Was Your First Day?

November 10, 2009

So as many  a few of you know, today was my first day at Wal-Mart. I literally had an 8 hour orientation. My last two jobs gave me 3 and 4 hour shifts for the first few months, but these guys started be off working at least 25 hours per week already. At least the money will be nice.

I was being…oriented(?) with one other lady. She was in her 40’s and was trying to get a job at Wal Mart because she lost her job at a bank that she had been with for like 15 years. That’s quite the downgrade in my opinion. She looked pretty normal (compared to most of the people there, get back to that later), and we are even locker partners now. That’s right, I have a locker and I opened the com first try!

The dress code is pretty relaxed there. Blue t shirt and tan pants, I can wear a hoodie if it’s blue too, or a jacket of any color. My hair doesn’t matter and my gauges are fine, couldn’t really ask for more. I spent most of the day doing ridiculous things like playing board games related to sales and taking quizzes on the computer. I DO have a name tag and my own box cutter, but I DON’T have a lanyard to put my nametag on, lame!1254804591072

I think the box cutter deserves it’s own paragraph. They give all of the employees brand new box cutters, and these things are revolutionary. If Billy Mays was alive, he would be selling these things. They can do everything short of cooking toast. I’ll bring it home tomorrow and take a picture with it just so everyone can see how awesome it is.

I saw a super ghetto black guy today, and he was getting out of his tricked out car, rocking some hardcore bling, and a massive watch. To top it all off, he had some Danimals drinkable yogurt, it really pulled his whole image together. Random, but it happened…

Back to the other employees. They all look like they do meth, there is no other way to say it. Everyone that is there looks like they are living a life that they absolutely hate and they do crack because of it. I don’t know how to explain it without a picture, but it’s totally true. They are all ugly, have messed up teeth, and hair from the early 90’s. They also have the “mom jeans”, you know, the jeans that have 6 inches of extra material above the waste. The ones the cover your bellybutton and make your hips look 3 feet wide.

I might be exaggerating when I say “everyone” because there are some decent looking people there and even a totally cool black guy. I really need a black friend (it’s part of the big city experience). I just feel like the people that have been at Wal Mart for more than a few years aren’t going to do anything else with their life, and I don’t want to be that guy. I’m cool with being a temp.

It Is What It Is, Isn’t It?

November 5, 2009

This is going to be a short little rant because I’m watching UFC and I want to get back to it. I really hate when people say things that don’t even mean anything.When people say things like “It is what it is” or “What happens, happens” or “Just do what you’re gonna do”.  It’s like the Lipsum on the layout templates on Microsoft Works.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras lobortis cursus tellus non condimentum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque eget congue neque. Nunc molestie consequat ultrices. Curabitur sed diam id libero ornare consectetur. Sed et est id urna ultrices hendrerit vitae ac velit. Cras pretium sodales tincidunt. Duis neque est, volutpat ut elementum sollicitudin, lobortis id dui. Fusce venenatis convallis enim. Donec quis laoreet leo. 


How sad is it that I came from a school that still uses Microsoft Works? Microsoft Works is an oxymoron in itself. Oh well, AHS wasn’t all that bad. This rant wasn’t meant to be about Microsoft though…


What’s On Your Mind?

November 3, 2009

It’s been a while, only because my internet is STILL down. I went in to talk to Eric (landlord) today while he was talking to 2 new potential customers. These two guys didn’t look terribly interesting, so I brought up my lack of internet in front of them and told him that it had been down for almost 2 weeks. I’m sure he really liked these two guys hearing that. Maybe they’ll get lucky and end up in a different building than me.

I got a little ahead of myself with that one.  Let’s rewind a bit. Yesterday afternoon Nate come down to IGH and we went to the Mall of America. He bought me diner at Noodles & Co, which is one of the most amazing places ever. He filled up my gas tanks, bought me Starbucks, and even gave me a pair on grey converse. Needless to say, he’s the coolest guy ever and I had a good day. After bumming around the mall for a few ours and visiting an old friend at Zumiez, we drove around for a while. We went up through downtown St Paul and looked at all of the sketchy looking people. Then we got back to my apartment, watched a few episodes of The Office and called it a night(and/or day).

I got up this morning, brought him to the airport(GPS brought us on the scenic route), and then came back home and got ready for the day. I’ve been sitting at the school since then, and that was at 11 this morning. I feel like since I’ve been here I have accomplished nothing. I have been working on my online class, but it’s slow and tedious. I registered my classes online and then went to type in my PIN and it’s the wrong one. The only person who can give me my right PIN is Peter Skoro, and I know it sounds crazy, but he hasn’t been in his office all day.

Gotta follow up every good day with at least a weeks worth of bad ones. My internet better be working when I get home.

Heard From Wal-Mart?

October 31, 2009

I swear to God if another person asks me that, I am going to kill myself. If you don’t know the situation I’l explain it quickly. I am awaiting a job from Wal Mart. They said they would hire me, but they haven’t yet. So now every time I talk to someone I hear “did you hear from Wal Mart?”. My mom, dad, step mom, step dad, grandma, grandapa, aunt, uncle, and ex girlfriend have all asked me this week. How’s this, I’ll tell you when I hear from them. Sound good?

I think I’m a little on edge this week, at least more than usual. Every time I need to talk to someone, they are gone. I need to talk to Peter Skoro at my school, he is supposed to help me pick my classes. We have made two appointments that he hasn’t showed up for, and he has yet to be in his office when I went  there. I need to talk to my landlord about my internet being out for over  a week now, but he hasn’t been in his office at all this week. I need to talk to Candace at Wal Mart, but she has been gone all week too. I swear to God this is a joke.

I’ve got nothing else, Happy Halloween.

Dead Kid?

October 28, 2009

Try a nice memorial tattoo.

My internet is still out at my apartment. Tomorrow I’m going to yell at Eric(landlord) for it being off for so long. I really don’t feel like typing a big long entry and the  have my internet die. I don’t have too much to write about anyway.

I’m switching majors from Graphic Design to Web Publishing. I’ll be able to do less drawing and more computer work. I can also drop my Color Theory class now. Which is the best thing ever, because there is a ton of busy work in that class. Painting over 100 swatches of colors just to have a color wheel for a “reference” isn’t worth it. I think I’ll google a color wheel if I need one.

I’m meeting with the guy about classes next semester on Monday. If he bails on me again I’m going to break into his office, steal the stuff I need, and do it myself. Then I’m going to punch him in the face and light his office on fire…yeah….

I’ve been playing a lot of Age of Empires 3 lately, it’s really the only thing I have to do without internet. I’m starting to wish I had cable. Speaking of which, my neighbor said that she would split cable and internet with us if we got it. I’m still a ways off from having money for that kind of stuff.

Is Your Internet Working?

October 26, 2009

I’ve heard this question no less than 10 times since I’ve been back in IGH. The internet in my building is down right now and it’s driving me nuts. I have to connect to the signal from across the parking lot, and it’s really week. I can’t do much online except write in this and use Facebook Lite. I can’t watch any TV because the signal is too slow to stream anything. Which leaves me with nothing too do.

I’ve been watching the first season of Friends via the DVD that Andrea gave me almost a year ago.I really need to give that back to her, but I am terrible at remembering things like that. Sorry Andrea! :/

My grandparents are coming here tomorrow see me and we are going out to eat. I’m pretty excited even though I just saw them a couple days ago. I don’t get visitor’s here very often, and I’ll be able to see people I know without driving across the state. Though I do love driving, the gas gets really expensive. Send me money to I can come see you 😀

When I’m bored in class I like to sit and analyze word for word what everyone says. English is so messed up now, it’s ridiculous. So many people type/say “should of” instead of “should have”, and nobody ever catches it. You do understand that it’s wrong right? I don’t know why little things like this bother me, especially considering that I’m sure I used to do the same thing. I like to think that I’m changing as a person, but I’ve been falling in to old habits lately.

I’m not in a bad mood today, but I’m not in a good enough one to keep writing. Grandparents + Only 1 hour of class= possibly decent blog tomorrow…?