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Punk Rock Shows and Rickety Stairs

April 13, 2010

Moving on from my last entry. I don’t want to say that the music scene has died, but it has certainly changed. We no longer have 5 or 6 local bands trying to fit into a show, instead we have touring bands that remember the old days stopping by. Instead of begging for an opening spot at The Tattle Tales show, my band is putting the show together. I guess you could say that the shows/ bands have progressed in quality, but the fans have died down. Kids just don’t like music anymore.

Hopefully this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but if you have ever been to a show, you should thank The Side Project for it. Even if you hate their music, it’s still almost entirely their work that has got the shows where they are.I know there were bands before them, but TSP spread pop-punk to the kids of the area (including myself), and influenced pretty much every local band that has started since then. They put Ashland/Washburn on the map for touring bands like The Leftovers, The Tattle Tales, Project 27, The Guts, The Jetty Boys and at least a dozen more.

There have been a few bands that have strayed away from that (“we’re bringing back classic rock”), but overall the area is entirely pop-punk. I understand that it is a dying genre that is being played in a dying music scene, but maybe it will change. I can’t make you go to shows, and I can’t make kids start bands, but only you can help prevent forest fires.


Punk Rock Shows and Black Cigs

April 13, 2010

I found myself lost in Youtube for over an hour and ended up where I always do, watching old Side Project videos. Then I started thinking about how much I miss going to those shows. Sure, there are still shows in Ashland and and a few of the same bands played, but it’s just not the same.

I remember my first Washburn show and how I only knew 4 songs the entire night, but it was still amazing. It was the first time I had seen a real pit, the first time I smelled Djarum Black’s, and the first “party” I ever went to. I miss the days when people didn’t care about how they looked at the shows and actually went there to have fun. Believe it or not, people used to dance, jump, and mosh at shows. Now you’re lucky to have 4 perfectly straight lines of people looking at you with their arms crossed and their heads tilted to the side.

It probably doesn’t mean much to the few people that read this because they weren’t there and it’s just another show to them. To me it’s more than just the bands and dancing though. It used to be a very different experience than it is now. I was always with the group of kids that shows up early for the show, but that group of kids doesn’t exist anymore. After waiting on the front steps of the Civic for sometimes an hour, Ben would show up and let us in, and we’d pay our $4 and go upstairs.

There was always a certain feeling in the air at shows. There were the kids that everyone knew and the new kids that were clearly scared to be there. Back then I didn’t know every person that was there because there was more than just one group of kids that went. Now you basically have to beg your friends to come to the show, and it wasn’t even to see your band. You have to beg them to come so that you can get their $5, so you can pay the touring bands enough to make it to the next city.

I didn’t mean to make this a comparison, but there are a lot of differences between the shows now and how they were then. Back then I would leave every show sweaty and thankful for the cool summer air. After a night of rocking out and screaming my lungs off, I would go to the gas station and buy the first drink that I could get my hands on. Everyone would be looking for something to do because it’s 10 on a Saturday night and nobody had made any plans because of the show.

This is going to sound deep, but it’s very true. The shows really changed who I am as a person. I discovered my favorite band, I found music and people that I could relate to, I found something to look forward to every month or two, and it gave me  reason to learn how to play bass. I made friends,became a much more confident and outspoken person, not to mention I learned to appreciate certain things a little more. Who needs a big stage, a pro sound system and a lighting rack? Sure we had to tape mics to stands sometimes, but at least kids had fun and looked forward to shows. Don’t have money to pay for professional shirts? Paint your band’s name on a Goodwill shirt, I’ll buy it.

I know I missed the start of the Washburn pop-punk scene, and really I was only there for the last part of it, but I still miss it just the same. Now that the music scene has moved to Ashland and I have to book the shows, it just doesn’t have the same feeling of excitement to it. It’s almost more of a sense of responsibility  than anything. I hope someday  there will be a few people and a few bands that start caring about music in the area again.

Top 10 Albums of 2009

January 23, 2010

I’m awful at writing review of albums, so I think I’ll just go with the first thing that comes to mind when I see the album title. Enjoy.

10.Grey Britain- Gallows

Grey Britain is a great album, but doesn’t even compare to their live show. Their singer verbally tore apart all of the “questionable” bands on Warped Tour right in front of them, and then physically attacked a fan for making him mad. I think they deserve a top 10 spot for that alone. I’m not saying that the album isn’t good, because I thought it was great, but see them live if you get the chance.

9.Chasing Hamburg- Polar Bear Club

I didn’t get a chance to fully appreciate this album. I got it at the same time as a bunch of other albums, so it didn’t get my full attention. Despite the lack of attention  I still found quite a few tracks that I really liked. Raspy vocals, upfront guitar, solid drumming, maybe not the number 1 album of the year, but one of the best for sure.

8.Poetry of the Deed- Frank Turner

Frank Turner is a different style of music than I normally listen to, which says a lot about this album. I heard that he was touring with The Gaslight Anthem, so I had to check him out. His upbeat folk-punk sound was totally what I needed at the time, and I still love it now. “Try This at Home” is the stand out track for me, check it out.

7.This Will Be The Death of Us- Set Your Goals

It must really suck to be Four Year Strong right now.

6.Homesick- A Day To Remember

The opening track tore up my car speakers, and it didn’t stop there. Need I say more? No, but I will. Almost every song has a mosh call, and sweet breakdown to follow it, how can you not like that? If you haven’t heard them think of Blink 182+ New Found Glory+ A good hardcore band. It sounds weird, but it’s not at all.

5.Sheboygan- The Jetty Boys

This is exactly what Green Day SHOULD have released this year. Seriously.

4.Smarten Up- Project 27

Project 27 is another one of my favorite bands by far. They are super chill guys and make amazing music. Musically they sound live just like they do on the album, but with WAY more energy. I might be a little bias because they are willing to make the drive all the way to Ashland to play for us, but I don’t care. I’ve listened to this album from start for finish more times than I can count.

3.They Came From The Shadows- Teenage Bottlerocket

TBR picked up right where they left off. Straight forward Ramone-core pop-punk. If you expected something new, then you were disappointed. Change is the last thing that I wanted from this guys, and they didn’t disappoint me in the least. This album covers all corners,from skater anthems like Skate or Die, to Bigger Than Kiss, which breaks down the reasons that they are better than KISS.

2.All I Have to Offer is my Own Confusion- Fireworks

I didn’t even know who Fireworks was until I saw them open for New Found Glory in March. They were one of the best opening bands I had ever seen, so I bought their album and listened to it for the rest of the trip. I eventually got to the point where I could sing along to every song, and it became my summer album. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than ride my bike around at 3am listening to this album.

1.Dream Homes- Dear Landlord

I honestly don’t know what to say about this album, except that it was my favorite of the year. It has everything that I can ask for, short songs, aggressive vocals, lyrics that I can relate to, gang vocals, choppy guitar/drums, and “Three to the Beach”. If you haven’t heard it then you’re missing out, fix it.

Honorable Mentions

Year One-Psyched To Die

Picture this, Hardcore Punk band+ Pop-punk singer+ ever song is about suicide. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s awesome. Don’t think “I’m in an emo band, and I hate my life”, but more of a “Wow, you all suck and so does everything else, I think I’ll kill myself”. Year One is short and to the point, just how I like it.

Disasterpiece- First Class Motive

Acoustic pop with some comedic lyrics. Probably not a chart topper, but still good to listen to at the right time. My biggest problem is the name of the album, which is a Slipknot song and the name of one of their DVD’s.

Relapse- Eminem

This was supposed to be Eminem’s big comeback album, but I don’t think it was as good as The Eminem Show. His voice in a few songs bothers me, but the rest of the album is solid. Good lyrics, Good beats, and as always good flow. An honorable mention for sure.

Blueprint 3- Jay-Z

I didn’t get this album until 2010, so I can’t say it was one of my favorite of ’09. I haven’t sat down and listened to the entire album, but I have listened to most of it. Jay-Z is pretty new to me, so I’m still getting used to him and his style, so far I love it though. Death of the Autotune? Take that Lil’ Wayne.


Guilty pleasure album of ’09 for sure. So what?

Are You Dead Yet?

October 16, 2009

This is another one of those days that I have no motivation to do anything. Both of my roommates are gone for the weekend, leaving me here by myself. To be honest I do enjoy having the place to myself and being as loud as I want, whenever  I want. It’s just a weird concept that I don’t have to talk to people at all when they’re gone. Unless someone calls me or says “hi” while I’m passing by, I don’t ever utter even a single word. Is it possible to lose your voice by never talking?

I went to the school today even though there is no class today. I love using their computer lab, but I hate the lady that is in charge of it. She reminds me of Mar in WAY too many ways. Someone needs to hit her in the face. There were a few other people there, but nobody interesting. I did a bunch of stuff for my online class and then she kicked us all out.Photo on 2009-10-16 at 17.30

My online class is the most annoying thing ever. I’m going to do everything I can to never take another online class. It’s so confusing having to read every single instruction and not having anyone to ask about it. What makes it worse, is that the subject is SO basic, that I feel like everything I’m reading is stuff that I already know. Unfortunately I have to read everything because if everything isn’t formatted and laid out how it says in the book, then I get it wrong. I’d rather just do retarded work sheets in a classroom than do this. It would have been cheaper too.

For the first time in over a week my internet is working decent. I can download more Freaks and Geeks, which will give me something to do later tonight. For now I’m stuck listening to my neighbor attempt to to the drum part to Are You Dead Yet? by Children of Bodom on Rock Band or Guitar Hero. He hasn’t failed yet, so I’m assuming he’s doing alright.

I have no gas or money right now. This could get rough…

Did You Think That You Had Nothing To Lose?

October 15, 2009

I can’t think of a good way to start this, other than to say “I went to a show, and now I’m going to write about it”, so here I go.

I just got back from The Triple Rock where I saw This Time Next Years, Sparks The Rescue, Fireworks, There For Tomorrow, and Hit The Lights. I went with Alex, Autumn, and Audun, we showed up a little late, but not a big deal. We got a parking spot less than a block from the venue with a parking meter that only lasted for an hour at max. We found out later that they don’t check them after 6

.The first thing that I noticed when I got in was that the crowd(and the venue) was really small. We walked up to the side of the stage and sat there for the first few bands. The stage was less than 2 feet tall and there was no barrier or anything, which meant that I would be within 2 feet of the bands anytime that I wanted to be.

The crowd just sort of stood there for This Time Next Year, but there was barely 75 kids in there and most of them were sitting in the back. In my opinion these guys were second only to Hit The Lights, and I’m kind of upset that I missed half of their set. I didn’t know any of their songs, but I’ll be sure to pick up their album as soon as I can. They were super energetic and left the stage sweating, if only the same could be said about the crowd.

Next up was Sparks The Rescue, another band that I knew nothing of. STR was really energetic, thrashing about and swinging mics like TBS. They were pretty alright, but nothing spectacular. Mostly high, clean vocals with the occasional scream from their Kellan Fabjance rip-off of a bassist. By the end of their set the crowd was starting to grow a little bit, but still no movement. They played a pretty short set, but nobody seemed to mind. Within minutes of getting off stage they were walking around in the crowd talking to people and selling CD’s.

Fireworks was 3rd in the line up, time for some familiar music. Fireworks lacked the energy that the first two bands had and seemed to be playing very half-hearted. Their singer didn’t  project nearly as well as he does on the album or  at his previous shows. This was the 3rd time I saw them, and was definitely the worst performance so far. It was nice hearing some songs that I knew, but they could have been a lot better. On a positive note, the crowd was even bigger and was starting to move. One kid ran up on stage and attempted to dive into the crowd, but everyone(including myself) moved and he hit the floor.

There For Tomorrow took the stage next, fully equipped with strobe lights and a backdrop. They made comments about how autotune sucked and so did all of the “trendy” kids at Warped tour. With all 4 of them wearing V necks and dyed black hair, I had a hard time taking them seriously. One of the first things the singer said was “Can you feel the 808’s shaking your rectum”, which sums up their whole set pretty well. High, “emotional” vocals and guitar that sounded just like every other scene kid band. They had both live drums and a drum machine (a Roland 808 presumably) to crank out the big bass hits. Nothing spectacular, could have done without them

I noticed halfway through their set these two girls that just didn’t fit in. I’d say they were in their 20’s and had clearly never been to a show before. They had more make up on than anyone should ever have at a show, they were super tan, and both wearing stilettos. You NEVER wear heels to a show! They danced like they were at a John Mayer show, I even took the liberty of recording some of it on my phone. I’ll get it up on my Facebook eventually.

Hit The Lights finally was on and the 4 of us were dead center and as close as we could get. Being less than a foot away from the singers crotch seems to be the goal of ever girl there(except Autumn of course). They started off with a few songs off of Skip School, Start Fights, but eventually made their way to some older stuff. The crowd went nuts for Speakers Blown and everyone was singing along with fists in the air. We (by “we” I mean Aphamy) yelled at them to play Bodybag, but they told us that they don’t play that song anymore. They played a few random songs, like the hidden track on This is A Stickup….Don’t  Make It A Murder and their cover of Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms(which is on Punk Goes 90’s I believe). After constant harassment from us, they told us they had one last song and they start Bodybag. We all jumped around and sang along, just like any good crowd would do.

After they finished up an started tearing down they gave away set lists to a few people, including Audun. He managed to get a drumstick from them too, what a wanker. Audun bought some merch while me and Alex talked to the guys in Fireworks for a bit. They were still sweaty (and lumberjack like), but totally cool about just talking with us. They assured me that my gauges would heal up because all of theirs’ did and they were all much bigger than mine.

All in all the show was fun and a totally different experience to me. It was small like a local show, but the crowd knew all the words and there were no drunk people ruining it. All ages shows rock!

They Signed Who?

September 27, 2009

I have had a series of days that consisted of me not doing anything and not wanting to do anything. I had planned on writing another short blog, and calling it good, but then I thought of something I could rant about. Record Labels(how stereotypical is that?).

I don’t mean every record label, just one,  Hollywood Records. To be honest I’m not even upset with them, I’m upset with the bands that accepted their offer and signed to them. Mainly 1(maybe two).  Just a little info on Hollywood Records, HR is owned by Disney and has signed acts such as Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jesse McCartney, and Vanessa Hudgens. A label owned by Disney that is signing Disney Stars, that makes sense.

Here’s what really gets me, a few other bands are signed by them, such as The Plain White Tee’s, Breaking Benjamin, and Atreyu. Atreyu used to be one of the bigger metalcore/screamo bands out there, and now they have been reduced to a generic hard rock band (think Trapt, Staind, Theory of a Deadman). Their new records barely have any screaming and certainly don’t have the technical guitar work that they used to have. I’m not much for metalcore anymore, but seeing a band that I used to love sellout this bad is still disappointing.

Another thing that I don’t understand is what Disney wants to do with these bands. The Plain White Tee’s were on an episode of iCarly, which is broadcast on Nickelodeon. Why would a label push for a band to be on ta rival networks TV show?Hollywod_records_logo

If you look up some bands that used to be signed by Hollywood Records, the list is pretty impressive. Danzig, The Dead Milkmen, Fishbone, the Suicide Machines, Duran Duran, Queen, and this list goes on for at least another 50 groups. One name that surprises me more than anything is Insane Clown Posse. In my opinion, these two are the worst piece of musical garbage that I have ever heard. I couldn’t even be friends with someone that listens to them, much less listen to them myself. What was Disney planning on doing with these guys? NOBODY should listen to ICP, especially if they are being backed by Dinsey.

I know a few of you are going to complain about me complaining about record labels, but I don’t care. It’s all just my opinion, and I guess I could be wrong (but I’m not). If you were an Atreyu fan and now you’re not, you know why.

Wait, They Played In Ashland!?

September 18, 2009

Like I said in my last blog, a lot of people say they listen to “everything”, but I have never seen them at any local shows. Their excuse is always “Well I don’t know any of the bands”, which is because you have never gone before. Now I’ll be honest, there have been a lot of really bad local bands, but their have been a lot of bands that played here and got big right after it. Here’s 10 bands I bet you didn’t know played in Ashland.

1. Children 18:3 (
These guys went from playing at the Civic Center in Ashland to international tours in the time I was in High School. Look for them in full page ads in Alternative Press and their tickets on Ticketmaster, because they ARE there. These guys are signed by Tooth & Nail records and have a HUGE following now, but you missed them…too bad…

2.Decyfer Down (
These guys are in the same boat as Children 18:3, they came to Ashland, played on the bed of a semi truck for maybe 40 kids and the next day their album released and sold 10’s of thousands of copies(I own the first one ever sold and it’s signed by all of them). These guys haven’t played a show for less than 300 kids since that one show in Ashland. Where were you for that?

3.The Silver Heart Club (
I’ve had the privileged of sharing the stage with these guys 3 or 4 times now and they are better every time. They have lived in WI, MN, and AZ, and picked up quite the following in that time. These guys have played with more big bands than you even listen to, let me start the list. Nevershoutnever!, All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, The Matches, Sonny(of From First To Last), Forever The Sickest Kids, and the list goes on. Check their myspace for the full list.

4.The Leftovers (
The Leftovers have played in Ashland many times, as recent as this past summer. They have played big festivals such as Insubordination Fest and are currently signed by Rally Records. I know most of the non-show-goers don’t really care/ know what that is, but it’s a big deal. I know all of you will get this though, they are going on a European tour with Bowling For Soup. I KNOW you know who they are. I have a feeling these guys will be back in the near future, so you better not miss them next time.

5.Project 27(
First off, these guys are an absolute blast. Even if you don’t like there music (which seems nearly impossible), you will like them as people. Their music is insanely catchy and rumor has it they once coverd a Blink 182 song. They have releases on Rally Records and you can get it on iTunes right now.  I’m happy to say that I have shared both the stage and my house with these guys. They drove all the way from Long Beach, NY to play in Ashland (granted they made a few stops on the way). Check out their Myspace for a free sampler and if you like it then you can order their CD of there too.

6.The Tattletales (
If you could even see the crowd for TTT when they are in town you would understand. Nobody gets a better crowd reaction than these guys. They have been all over the world playing music and they still make a special stop in Washburn every year.(Though because people had to ruin things it will be Ashland from now on). 5 years from now you will all be wearing there shirts asking me if I have ever heard of them, I promise. Even if you are deaf there is a reason to go to their shows, and her name is Anya. Just go and you will understand.

7. The Guts (
Though they only played here once and the turnout was bad(It was a school night), I had a ton of fun at their show. These guys have worked with so many pop-punk legends it’s ridiculous. Joe Queer, Ben Weasel, not to mention they have releases on Rally,Kid-Tested, and Go Kart records. They have a live album, and two studio albums on iTunes. You get like 25 songs for $10, it’s a steal. Let’s pray that they come back again.

8.Rational Anthem (
Probably the first and only band from Florida to play in Ashland, Rational Anthem  is the epitome of hard work. These guys(and 1 girl) travel the entire US every summer promoting their music. I’ve played with these guys twice now and they just keep getting better. Backed up Traffic Street records it’s hard to deny that these guys will only get bigger. Rumor has it they might  be making a big move to the midwest, hopefully that’s true. I’m sure they will be back next summer, so pick up there stuff on the Traffic Street website and be ready for them next time.

9.The Jetty Boys (
Yeah these guys are from Wisconsin and don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get here, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazing. Not surprisingly these guys are signed by Rally records as well (gotta love those guys). I could rave about how energetic and catchy their music is, but words won’t do them justice. They’ll be in Ashland again and next time you won’t miss them.

10.Nathan Parent(
I know this is sort of cheating, but for those of you that have been living under a rock(or in marengo) you might not know who Nate is I’ll sum him up for you. You know the guy that works at The Black Cat, but doesn’t actually go to Northland? That’s him. He plays acoustic shows everywhere and even took a trip or two to Norway to play some shows. If you are lucky you’ll catch him with a full band and that’s a totally different experience. He has been working on an album for like 5 years and when it comes out it will be amazing. You can pick up a sweet, sweet sample of his stuff on iTunes(or CDbaby :P). You know what else Nate does? (Here comes the shameless plug) He plays live shows with my band Aphamy!(

Who Is Your Favorite Band? (2/2)

September 17, 2009

6.Operation Ivy
If you liked Rancid then are already are(well, should be) a fan of these guys. Their music was groundbreaking for Punk and you can’t ignore that. It’s all very fast, sloppy, and fun. Sound familiar?The recordings are all pretty rough and since they broke up 20 years ago you won’t be seeing them live anytime soon. You can pick up every song they’ve recorded on one CD for like $10 at almost any store including iTunes.

7. Four Year Strong
So you like the idea of heavy music, but screams are a little too much for you. The answer is Four Year Strong. They are fast paced, energetic, heavy, and poppy all at the same time. Sing-a-long choruses with aggressive verses all pulled together with some of the best breakdowns around. Jump, dance, or flail around like an idiot (*cough*ChicagoCrowd*cough*). They have a new CD that’s all covers of 90’s songs, since most of you grew up in the 90’s you’ll know most of these songs..

8. Fireworks
I hadn’t even heard of these guys until the first time I saw them. They were a last minute opener for New Found Glory and I really had low expectations. Surprisingly these guys came out and threw down and at the end of the night me and Alex bought their CD. They have meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies, and very well done gang vocals. They make excellent driving music, not too heavy, but still upbeat. Check em out on tour with Hit The Lights!

9. The Loved Ones
If you already checked out The Gasight Anthem and liked what you heard the The Loved Ones are your next step. They have a slightly more Punk feel the TGA, but the idea is the same. Angst filled anthems with hints of Blues and raspy vocals.  I haven’t heard anything other than their newest CD yet, but I like them enough to give them a top 10 spot. They will be in Minneapolis with The Gaslight Anthem on Oct 3.

10. Breathe Carolina
Just kidding, they are gay.

Who’s Your Favorite Band? (1/2)

September 17, 2009

I’ve been asked this question many times, but I’ve never really been able to answer it. I think to better answer the question I would have to ask myself ” Which bands would you be willing to get a tattoo of?” If someone is willing to mark themselves with a bands logo, lyrics, etc forever, then they must be a big fan. Whenever I ask someone that same question I am always disappointed.  I get very typical answers like ” Well I listen to everything”, which is a damn lie. If you listen to everything then why haven’t you heard of any of my favorite bands? So here are 10 bands that I want you to listen to.

Keep in mind I’m not saying these are the 10 best bands, or my 10 favorite, but simply a suggestion.

1. The Gaslight Anthem
These guys are easily one of my top 5 favorite bands ever. They are a very emotional mix of Blues and Punk.  When I say “emotional” I don’t want you to think Dashboard Confessional, I want you to think Bruce Springsteen.  All of their songs on very powerful and meaningful. Just by the tone in his voice you ge the feeling that he has lived a hard life, and maybe you can relate. Check The ’59 Sound for albums and Great Expectations, The ’59 Sound, and The Patient Ferris Wheel for songs.

2. Rancid
If you like Punk or Pop-Punk then you will love these guys. I’m sure if you are reading this then you are already full acquainted with Rancid and maybe even Operation Ivy (they are coming up). Rancid has been together for a long time, and they still have the same energy they had when they started. They might look like old, balding men now, but once they hit the stage they act just like they did 15 years ago. All of their songs are fun, fast paced, and have sing-a-long choruses. Pick up …And Out Come The Wolves and just listen to the whole album in order. Every song is worth listening to.

3. The Side Project
I might be a little bias because of growing up in their music scene, but this is my blog so I don’t care. These guys are absolutely crazy live and you can never know what to expect. Sometimes they will be serious and sound amazing, and other days they just want to get drunk and have fun. Either way seeing these guys is a blast and you shouldn’t pass up a chance if one arises. If you like Screeching Weasel, Teenage Bottlerocket, or just singing along then you will like these guys. Though most of their songs are about girls, they do have a few that branch away like Tough Guys and It’s Kind Of A Ride(Think Jurassic Park). You will find a song of theirs to relate to. If you can find It’s A Secret to Everybody pick it up, otherwise This Machine Kills Scenecore and Get A New Brain are easily available.

4. Teenage Bottlerocket
Pop-punk done to perfection. Listen to these guys and be prepared to have their songs stuck in your head for days. Tons of back-up vocals and harmonies. They keep everything simple and fun, just how music should be. If you ever need a song to describe how you are feeling about a girl, whether good or bad, TBR will have on for you. They recently signed to Fat Wreck Chords and put out an album called They Came From The Shadows, but there are some tracks you should listen to before picking that up. Check Total for Bloodbath at Burger King, Radio, and Stupid Games. Once you’re done with that get a copy of Warning Device and listen to In The Basement, On My Own, and Anna’s Song.

5. Bomb The Music Industry!
BMTI! isn’t so much as band as much as it is a collection. Jeff Rosenstock (formerly of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches) invites dozens of other musicians to play along with him and then gives away his music. All of their music is free on his Myspace page, but donations are accepted. Don’t expect perfect sound quality or any singing in key, but that’s not what this is about. He believes in DIY to the fullest extent and you get free music because of it, be happy. Songs range from slow acoustic, to full blown swing songs to DC Style Hardcore Punk. Instruments range from 1 acoustic guitar all the way up to a 10 person band. I would recommend I Don’t Love You Anymore and Stand There Until You’re Sober.

6-10 will be posted tomorrow