Song Lyrics and Dirty Limericks

I was asked “If lyrics are the biggest part of a song for you, why do you listen to music which condones anti sXe activities?” on my Formspring and there is WAY too much for me to say to condense into a few sentences. Here we go.

Drinking, smoking, and drugs are a very small part of life just like they are a very small part of a bands lyrics. I’d have to say that over half of the songs I listen to are about girls, which is something I think about a lot. You could argue and say “Most rap is about girls, why don’t you listen to rap?”. Rappers come from a different stand point than I do when it comes to women. I don’t want to even associate with women that would be attracted to a rapper, who do you think I am, Ryan Kmetz?

The pop-punk stance on girls is usually being on the other end of the situation. Guy likes girl, girl doesn’t like guy. It’s crazy how often that happens. I don’t have to be in the exact situation that the lyricist was in to be able to relate to them. Let’s take Be Stag by Teenage Bottlerocket for example.

I must have asked you September
I knew that you would not remember
we were walking in the hallway
I swore I heard your mouth say
you would go to the Halloween dance with me
on condition that no one else can see
I agreed and got a rubber mask
not knowing that all your friends would ask

I must have called you fifteen times today
should have known you found someone else to be your date
did you ever have to go this way

Have I ever gone to a high school dance? No. Does Ashland High even have a high school dance? I have no clue. Have I ever liked a girl and had her like me, but her friends disapproved? Hell yeah I have.

I know this has branched off a bit, but there’s a point to it. I might not have been a heroin addict like Justin from Motion City Soundtrack, but I can relate to trying to clean myself up and turn my life around. I hardly have any edge friends, but it doesn’t bother me at all. The point is there is a lot more to music than the direct meaning of the song. Plus, Straight Edge music is all hardcore and I hate it.

P.S. Do you have a big green tractor? Probably not. Do you love that song? Thought so.


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