Punk Rock Shows and Rickety Stairs

Moving on from my last entry. I don’t want to say that the music scene has died, but it has certainly changed. We no longer have 5 or 6 local bands trying to fit into a show, instead we have touring bands that remember the old days stopping by. Instead of begging for an opening spot at The Tattle Tales show, my band is putting the show together. I guess you could say that the shows/ bands have progressed in quality, but the fans have died down. Kids just don’t like music anymore.

Hopefully this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but if you have ever been to a show, you should thank The Side Project for it. Even if you hate their music, it’s still almost entirely their work that has got the shows where they are.I know there were bands before them, but TSP spread pop-punk to the kids of the area (including myself), and influenced pretty much every local band that has started since then. They put Ashland/Washburn on the map for touring bands like The Leftovers, The Tattle Tales, Project 27, The Guts, The Jetty Boys and at least a dozen more.

There have been a few bands that have strayed away from that (“we’re bringing back classic rock”), but overall the area is entirely pop-punk. I understand that it is a dying genre that is being played in a dying music scene, but maybe it will change. I can’t make you go to shows, and I can’t make kids start bands, but only you can help prevent forest fires.


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