Religion/IQ by State

This is similar to the last graph that I posted in a few ways. These are all of the states again, but this time they are listed in order of religiousness. Being “religious” according to this graph is just being non-atheist, not christian. There is a lot to take in right here, so I’ll point out some things that stand out to me.

  • Mississippi has the highest rate of religiousness and the lowest average IQ in the nation. It is also in the south.
  • Vermont has the lowest rate of religious and the highest national IQ. It is in the north.
  • The top 1/3 are all in the south and are the most religious. They also hold 70% of the IQ’s below 100.
  • The most religious states are also the most poverty stricken.
  • I love visual aids. (Yes that is a fact)

Tomorrow we’ll break it down by country. Enjoy!


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